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A constant pursuit of manufacturing excellence

Keeping up to date in advanced technologies, implementing a rigorous certification process and always striving to offer the best solutions: this is how we manage to offer highly innovative products all the time.
Research and development
Every long journey begins with a small step. It is the small steps we take every day that have taken us very far, year after year. Our staff works every day to bring the best production technologies in skin care, oral care and personal hygiene to Pharmatek-Pmc.
Controlled supply chain

We collaborate with the best suppliers of raw materials in the relevant markets, participate in the main trade fairs and carry out tests and evaluations at every step of the production process to make sure that we can offer our customers modern and top-quality solutions.

Certified production

Each product undergoes scrupulous checks and is delivered together with a report that certifies its suitability standard. We are ISO 9001, DM 13485 certified. Pharmatek-Pmc is a member of Cosmetica Italia and it is authorised by the Ministry of Health for the production of medical and surgical products (PMC, presidi medico-chirurgici) as defined by Italian law. Our manufacturing facilities are certified for the production of Medical Devices.

Advanced technology

In Pharmatek-Pmc we believe we have a duty towards our customers: to maintain the highest standards in production facilities, in order to guarantee the highest standards of quality and production capacity. Our production site boasts top quality systems, designed by top Italian manufacturers (Omas, Weightpack, Tirelli).

Top-quality ingredients

In Pharmatek-Pmc we pride ourselves on producing a raw material as important and sensitive as water, and one with a quality comparable to that required by pharmaceutical standards. As a matter of fact, we do not limit ourselves to the 10 microsiemens required by regulations in force, we go as far as 1.1 microsiemens. This ensures a very high degree of water purity for all our creams.

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