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The flexibility of a constantly changing world

As contractors for the health and cosmetics industries we are committed to go beyond simply offering products and services, by bringing innovation and flexibility to the projects of each of our customers.
About us

Pharmatek produces biocides, medical surgical products, cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices for third parties. Technology and know-how are just a starting point: we combine these with a strong propensity for research and innovation, excellent service and a growing production capacity.

Our history

Pharmatek was founded in 2003 in the Milano area, in the heart of Italy’s industrial culture, with a production site of only 400 m2. Over the years we never got tired of improving and transforming ourselves, always investing in and capitalizing on research and development, today our main strength, as well as on the well-being of our employees and the environment.

  • 10.000
    m2 production surface
  • 50
  • 18MIO€
    annual turnover (2020)
The meeting with FINE FOODS

In 2021 Pharmatek broadened its horizons and joined FINE FOODS & PHARMACEUTICALS N.T.M. S.p.A.. We share the constant pursuit of manufacturing excellence and process quality, as well as the enhancement of human resources. With FINE FOODS, a renewed pursuit of optimal solutions for our customers began.


Our goal is to be a landmark in innovation for the disinfectants and cosmetics industries, and a channel to test and disseminate advanced production solutions. To this end, we are committed to studying the needs of our customers and offering them flexible, tailor-made and highly innovative service, every day.

What sets us apart

At Pharmatek-Pmc we take care of the entire production process, but at the same time we know how to offer modular services to suit individual customers needs, while constantly looking for technological innovation opportunities. Products and services can be developed to reflect the needs of individual projects, experimenting innovative solutions with a flexible approach.

Company policy

In accordance with its continuous improvement strategy and its corporate ethics, Pharmatek is committed to building trust and respct with all its staff, ensuring transparency throuhout the supply chain and on the workplace, in order to protect quality and safety for the consumers of the final products.

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