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Customised solutions created in synergy with the customer

Pharmatek works side by side with clients in each phase of the process and delivers finish products on the basis of clients briefs.
Full Service

Based on the client’s brief, Pharmatek-Pmc can provide a formulation study, tested formulas, or products that have already been registered with the Italian Ministry of Health.

We take care of each step of the preparation process in-house, in our own manufacturing plant. The client’s needs are thoroughly analysed to develop tailored solutions: from the formulation and transformation of the active ingredients to production and packaging.


Pharmatek receives client formulas in processing, or transforms clients active ingredients, to obtain results that are tailored to their needs.

Thanks to the expertise of our laboratory staff, we know how to offer our customers tailor-made formulations for their private label needs. We always keep up to date on news and market trends to be sure to offer cutting-edge solutions.


Pharmatek produces medical and surgical products, cosmetics, and medical devices on the basis of its registered formulations, as well as according to clients instructions.

At Pharmatek-Pmc we are proud of our ability to establish a dialogue on multiple fronts with the customer, thanks to which we are able to offer the best private label production solutions, on the basis of clients formulations and reflecting marketing needs.

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